Chemical raw material—EDDHA Chelation Fe

Short Description:

EDDHA Chelation Fe is a highly effective iron chelate fertilizer that ensures optimal iron absorption and utilization by plants. It is specifically formulated to address iron deficiency in plants and promote healthy growth and development.

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Production introduction:

EDDHA Chelation Fe is produced using advanced manufacturing techniques and quality control processes to ensure a premium product. It is derived from high-quality raw materials and is carefully formulated to provide a stable and efficient iron source for plants.

Production usage:

EDDHA Chelation Fe can be used for various crops, including field crops, horticultural crops, and ornamental plants. It is particularly beneficial for crops grown in alkaline soils where iron availability is limited. The chelated form of iron in EDDHA Chelation Fe enables plants to absorb and utilize iron more efficiently, leading to improved growth and productivity.


The key selling point:

1.EDDHA Chelation Fe promotes the uptake of iron by plants, even at high pH levels, ensuring optimal iron nutrition.
2.Long Lasting Effect: The chelated iron remains available to plants for an extended period, providing a sustained supply of iron throughout the growing season.Improved Plant Growth: By addressing iron deficiency, EDDHA Chelation Fe promotes healthy plant growth, increased yield, and improved quality of crops.
3.Easy Application: EDDHA Chelation Fe is easy to apply and can be used in various application methods, including foliar spraying, seed treatment, and soil application

SBoron acidpecification

Name EDDHA Chelation Fe
Color Dark brown microgranules
Chemical formula C18H16N2O6FeNa
CAS No 16455-61-1
Content 6%
Storage  EDDHA Fe should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Exposure to moisture can cause the product to clump or deteriorate, reducing its effectiveness.


Airtight Containers: To prevent contact with air and moisture, it is recommended to store EDDHA Fe in airtight containers or bags. Make sure the containers are tightly sealed to maintain the integrity of the product

Payment T\T , L\C
Delivery time According to the needs of legal inspection
Shipping Shipping by sea,shipping by train normally or according to the customers’ requirements
Sample quotation Free to offer sample, shipping cost payed by customers
OEM and ODM Welcome
Packing Woven bag lined with plastic bag,net weight is  25\40\50KG

What is EDDHA Chelation Fe?

EDDHA Chelation Fe is an iron chelate fertilizer that utilizes EDDHA (ethylenediamine-N,N'-bis(2-hydroxyphenyl)acetic acid) as the chelating agent. The chelating agent forms a stable complex with iron, preventing it from forming insoluble precipitates in the soil and ensuring its availability for plant uptake.

The Production Application:

EDDHA Chelation Fe is widely used in agriculture, horticulture, and ornamental plant cultivation. It is effective in correcting iron deficiency symptoms such as yellowing leaves (chlorosis) and stunted growth. Its application helps to maximize crop yield and quality, especially in soil conditions where iron availability is limited.

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