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GESC-Ruixiang: Seeking Global Brand Chain Operation Partners

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality compound fertilizers and raw materials in China, GESC-Ruixiang has established strategic partnerships with renowned chemical companies such as BASF Germany and OLMIX France. Our group company ranks first in the world in terms of melamine production capacity and output.

Currently, we are actively seeking global brand chain operation partners who share our vision. GESC-Ruixiang will focus on product development and production, while you excel in market development and local services. We believe that such a collaboration model will bring greater commercial value to both parties.

If you are interested in discussing potential cooperation opportunities with us, please feel free to get in touch. We are eager to provide you with detailed information and warm consulting services.

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Introduction of GESC-Ruixiang

The headquarters of GESC is located in Meishan, Sichuan, covering an area of 2.14 million square meters, equivalent to 300 football fields. For 53 consecutive years, GESC has had a presence in nearly 50 countries and regions around the world, producing more than 500 chemical products and 200 fertilizer products, with an annual sales revenue of 1715 million USD. We have the first laboratory in the agricultural industry to pass the CNAS national certification. In the field of fertilizers, Ruixiang Agriculture (a wholly-owned subsidiary) is responsible for the production and sales of 2.05 million tons of nitro compound fertilizers, with a sales revenue of over 857 million USD; special fertilizers have an annual production and sales volume of 100,000 tons, and a sales revenue of 72 million USD. We are the largest producer and seller of nitro fertilizers in China and a leader in functional fertilizers. We possess absolute production and R&D capabilities.

Cooperation with BASF

Since 2007, GESC-Ruixiang has started a close strategic cooperation with BASF, a global chemical giant. The two parties first conducted preliminary exchanges and cooperation on melamine products. Subsequently, in 2011, they carried out in-depth business negotiations on nitro fertilizer projects. After years of collaboration and development, the two sides officially held their first negotiation on fertilizer synergist business in July 2014. During this process, the two parties jointly completed the project initiation of fertilizer synergists and field trials of Vibelsol®DMPP. Finally, in September 2018, GESC-Ruixiang reached a strategic cooperation agreement with BASF on stable nitro fertilizers. Based on this cooperation, GESC-Ruixiang successfully launched a series of fertilizer products equipped with BASF's Vibelsol®DMPP technology, including FERLIKISS, Wistom, and KAISTOM, among others. It is worth mentioning that Vibelsol®DMPP is recognized as the best nitrification inhibitor fertilizer synergist on the market, bringing significant improvements to agricultural production.

Cooperation with OLMIX

GESC-Ruixiang has partnered with France's OLMIX to focus on the development and utilization of natural resources, contributing to the sustainable development of agriculture. Together, we have launched a series of highly efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizers made from red algae, such as GELISY liquid fertilizer and the GELISY full water-soluble fertilizer series.

In the field of fertilizer product research and innovation, GESC-Ruixiang has always maintained a leading position. GESC-Ruixiang is committed to providing more green and efficient solutions for agriculture, aiming to achieve sustainable development and environmental protection goals. At the same time, we pay close attention to the needs and interests of our partners, striving to create more value for them, so that they can feel happy and proud to work with us.

GESC-Ruixiang's Patents and Certificates

GESC-Ruixiang boasts 7 production bases, with more than 700 patents filed and granted as of 2023. The company has been recognized as a "National Enterprise Technology Center," solidifying its leading position in technological innovation. In terms of industry rankings, GESC stands at 175th among China's top 500 petrochemical enterprises, 35th among the top 100 Chinese fertilizer companies, and 33rd among the top 100 private enterprises in Sichuan Province, demonstrating its robust market competitiveness and industry status.

Additionally, GESC is the first enterprise in Meishan City to be awarded the prestigious title of "National Green Factory," indicating our company's remarkable achievements in environmental protection and sustainable development.

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