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DTPA (Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid) is a versatile chelating agent widely used in various industries. With its exceptional metal chelation properties, DTPA plays a crucial role in applications ranging from pharmaceuticals to agriculture.

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Production introduction:

DTPA is produced through a complex chemical synthesis process involving diethylenetriamine and chloroacetic acid. This process ensures the high purity and quality of the DTPA product.

Production usage:

DTPA finds extensive usage as a chelating agent in many industries. It is primarily utilized for water treatment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, agricultural applications, and in the production of cosmetics and personal care products.


The key selling point:

1.The strong chelating ability of DTPA allows it to form stable complexes with various metal ions, preventing metal precipitation and improving product stability and shelf life.
2.Versatile applications: DTPA is suitable for a wide range of applications, making it a preferred choice for multiple industries.
3.High purity and quality: Through rigorous production processes, DTPA is guaranteed to have high purity, ensuring its effectiveness in various applications.

SBoron acidpecification

Color white crystalline powder
Chemical formula C14H23N3O10
CAS No 67-43-6
Content 98%
Storage  Temperature: DTPA should be stored in a cool and dry environment. It is recommended to store it at temperatures below 25°C (77°F) to prevent heat degradation.


Moisture: DTPA is hygroscopic, meaning it can absorb moisture from the air, which may affect its quality. Therefore, it is crucial to keep DTPA in airtight containers or sealed packaging to protect it from humidity.


Light: DTPA should be stored away from direct sunlight and exposure to UV rays. UV radiation can degrade the compound, leading to a decrease in its effectiveness.


Separation: DTPA should be stored away from other chemicals, especially those that are reactive or incompatible. This helps to prevent cross-contamination and potential reactions that could affect the integrity of the DTPA.

Payment T\T , L\C
Delivery time According to the needs of legal inspection
Shipping Shipping by sea,shipping by train normally or according to the customers’ requirements
Sample quotation Free to offer sample, shipping cost payed by customers
OEM and ODM Welcome
Packing Woven bag lined with plastic bag,net weight is 25\50\1000KG

What is DTPA?

DTPA, also known as diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid, is a synthetic organic compound that belongs to the chelating agents class. Its unique structure allows it to form strong bonds with metal ions, effectively removing them from solutions.

The Production Application:

DTPA is widely used in several industries:Water treatment: DTPA is added to water treatment systems to remove heavy metal ions, such as lead, copper, and zinc, ensuring the purity and safety of drinking water.Pharmaceutical manufacturing: DTPA is employed as a stabilizer and chelating agent in the production of certain medications, particularly chelation therapy drugs used for metal poisoning treatment.Agricultural applications: DTPA is utilized as a micronutrient fertilizer, supplying essential metals like iron, manganese, and zinc to plants in a highly bioavailable form.Cosmetics and personal care products: DTPA acts as a sequestering agent, preventing the deterioration of cosmetic formulations due to the presence of metal ions.

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