WISTOM Stabilize Long-Lasting Compound Fertilizer(20-10-10+TE) BASF DMPP

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Enjoy the benefits of our fully soluble fertilizer enriched with essential micronutrients, which enhance nutrient utilization, increase crop production, and improve overall quality. Our formula also includes BASF Vibelsol® DMPP, a potent synergist for quick and long-lasting effects.

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Ratio: 20-10-10+TE (fully water-soluble) / Content: Nitrate nitrogen≥ 8% Magnesium≥0.3% Zinc≥0.2% Boron ≥0.02% / Packing: 25kg, 40kg, 50kg / Color: brown / Special addition: DMPP, mineral source fulvic acid, trace elements


Fully soluble and fortified with micronutrients to improve nutrient utilization, increase crop production, and enhance quality.

Specially augmented with BASF Vibelsol® DMPP for quick and long-term effectiveness.



Our production process includes the special addition of German-made BASF Vibelsol® DMPP, which optimizes the utilization of nitrogen fertilizer, reducing leaching and volatilization. This allows for a one-time fertilization of field crops with shorter growth periods, reducing the need for multiple applications and saving on labor and costs. Moreover, the addition of essential trace elements helps prevent physiological diseases.


1. Specially formulated with BASF Vibelsol® DMPP as a fertilizer synergist:

Incorporates the finest nitrification inhibitors available globally.

Significantly reduces nitrogen loss and enhances nitrogen efficiency, minimizing wastage from 30-35% to an impressive 60%.

Prolongs the effective period of nitrogen fertilizers from the standard 4 weeks to an extended 10 weeks.

Alleviates the leaching loss of nitrate nitrogen by a remarkable average of 47%, as verified by over 60 scientific experiments.


2.Enhances crop uptake and utilization of ammonium nitrogen nutrients.

Promotes increased synthesis of crop hormones (e.g., cytokinins):

Our product, WISTOM, stimulates crop hormone synthesis, fostering root growth, and encouraging more flowers and fruits.

Improves the activity and absorption of phosphorus and trace elements, thereby enhancing their utilization rate.


3.Contains medium and trace elements

Magnesium 0.3%: Increases leaf chlorophyll content and promotes photosynthesis.

Zinc 0.2%: Prevents leaf yellowing and lobular diseases.

Boron 0.02%: Enhances fruit setting, prevents premature fruit drop, and minimizes shrinkage disease.

4.Enriched with fulvic acid derived from mineral sources:

Promotes the growth and development of capillary roots, resulting in well-developed root systems and lush branches.

Reshapes soil agglomerate structure to mitigate compaction, enhance soil salinity, water, and fertilizer management.

Stimulates crops' ability to withstand drought and low temperatures, significantly reducing the occurrence of diseases.

5.Offers balanced nutrition:

High-tower granulation with precisely balanced nutrients enhances yield and quality.

Compatible with both bottom fertilizer and top dressing applications.

Provides highly efficient nitrogen and potassium (potassium dihydrogen phosphate) nutrition, promoting rapid fruit expansion, coloration, and correction.

Utilizes potassium dihydrogen phosphate as a raw material to increase yields and improve quality, with additional benefits such as preserving flowers and fruits, improving fruit set rate, and promoting early ripening.

Provides a complete nitrogen package (26N+TE) with a high absorption and utilization rate, effectively addressing issues of low urea utilization, slow release, and soil compaction.

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