Strong Supervision and Effective

Production sequence to carry out safety and environmental dragnet inspection.

In order to effectively prevent all kinds of production safety accidents, and continue to ensure that the compound fertilizer and water special fertilizer safety production situation is stable. 21 February, President Ding led members of the Safety Committee to go deep into the production line, to carry out safety and environmental protection inspection work.


The inspection team went deep into the special fertilizer production area, raw material storage, cooling room, packaging room, granulation tower layer, transit storage and other areas, field inspection of health, safety production system is implemented, fire facilities are equipped with complete, electricity safety, site maintenance construction safety, flood emergency channel, etc., while inspectors to identify safety hazards and environmental protection issues for real-time recording.


After the inspection, the comprehensive office will find the problems and inspection team members put forward relevant suggestions and comments summary, a clear deadline for rectification time, supervision of the responsible person, and issued a document to each team to strengthen the management and governance efforts.


The inspection also revealed that the employees of some positions have blind spots in their understanding of safety and environmental protection, and that the implementation of the issued requirements is not thorough and other problems. Department heads and shift safety managers must be vigilant! Regularly carry out self-examination and self-correction to eliminate hidden dangers of safe production; strictly implement the duty watch system and regular staff safety education; improve the safety awareness and safety protection skills of front-line personnel; and do a comprehensive job of environmental protection governance and electricity management on the production line to ensure the standardization and safe operation of the site.


In addition, each employee also needs to fully understand the importance of safe and environmental production, resolutely not careless, the hidden dangers found to immediately rectify, to ensure that nothing is wrong.

Post time: Mar-08-2023