Green Golden Elephant High-Tech Golden Elephant

Chapter 1: The Substance of  Elephant

Elephant, nature ‘simple, steady, down-to-earth’, with ‘positive, open, self-confidence’ spirit, in the face of all challenges in the natural world, walks towards the goal set to move forward.

 The Substance of  Elephant1

 The Golden Elephant people in the hometown of “Three Su”have the same spirit as elephants. With the tenet of “integrity, gratitude, innovation, steady and far-reaching” to establish the industry, under the care and help of the party committees and governments at all levels, plowing in the chemical industry for more than 50 years, it condenses the wisdom of the Golden-Elephant people of more than 700 patents. ‘Natural gas – synthetic ammonia – urea – melamine – nitric acid – ammonium nitrate – compound fertilizer – hydrogen peroxide’ integrated circular economy industry chain leading the industry, ‘Elephant’ brand melamine technology, production capacity and sales volume rank first in the world. Nitro compound fertilizer production and sales volume are also ranked No.1 in China. It is the standard-setter of clean production in the industry and the national green factory, practicing the heart of Golden-Elephant people to serve the country by industry.

Chapter 2: High-Tech And Green Elephant

Creating beauty and taking care of nature, the people of Golden Elephant, with the concept of ‘scientific and technological development, green development’, connects with the development plan of Sichuan’s “5+1” modern industrial system, Meishan’s “1+3” and “Manufacturing Powerful City”, “manufacturing city” development plan, with Tsinghua University, Sichuan University, Electronic Science and Technology University, Dalian University of Technology, Southwest University, China Chengda, Germany BASF, the United States DuPont and other sincere cooperation, take the road of scientific and technological development in a practical manner.

Based on the existing industrial chain, with the development strategy of extending and replenishing the chain as the anchor point and independent innovation as the driving force, Golden-Elephant people intend to invest 20 billion yuan to develop ‘specialized, refined, special and new’ characteristics of ‘Cyanamide Family Products, Special C-N Engineering Materials, C-N Electronic Materials, Flame-retardant Materials, High-purity & Ultra-clean Materials, Intelligent Fertilizer, Intelligent Agriculture,  olefin-polyolefin catalyst, biomass high-value utilization’ and other industries. Now, the annual sales revenue of Golden-Elephant reaches 30 billion yuan; Profit and tax reach 6 billion yuan, practicing the national “double-carbon”strategy, repaying Meishan, Sichuan and the motherland China with industry.

Chapter 3: Building the Elephant of Dreams [Golden Elephant Spirit]

One step at a time, nurturing majestic power;

With eyes as deep as a torch, we pursue the dream in our heart;

Golden Elephant people are taking the momentum of the elephant’s ‘style of upholding integrity and dignity, going forward without fear of difficulties’ spirit, with a firm gaze and one step at a time, marching forward towards the set goal.

On the journey of progress, Sichuan Golden-Elephant has long injected the concept of green development and scientific development, and the characteristics of specialization, refinement, specialization and newness into the gene of every Golden-Elephant person.

In the process of drilling and researching, Golden-Elephant people know that technological innovation never ends, rooting in R & D front line, challenging the peak of technology, so that the Golden Elephant in the chemical industry can move forward vigorously.

Building dreams of Golden-Elephant, in order to provide better “Elephant” brand products and services for the better life of mankind, at the same time, it ignites the passion of the times and creates an infinite and beautiful future …

God bless Golden Elephant with the flame of inheritance, steady and far-reaching behavior and returning to the family and the country;

God bless Golden Elephant with endless, sustainable development and build-to-last!

Post time: Oct-12-2023