KAISTOM – Stable Urine-Based Compound Fertilizer(15-5-23) BASF DMPP

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1. Contains trace elements, enhances nutrient utilization, boosts yield, and improves crop quality.

2. Specifically enriched with BASF Vibelsol® DMPP for quick and long-lasting effects.

Ideal for fruit trees and vegetables.

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Stable urine-based compound fertilizer
Suitable for crops: Fruit trees, vegetables


Enriched with trace elements to enhance nutrient absorption, increase crop yield, and improve quality.Specifically fortified with BASF Vibelsol® DMPP for rapid and long-term effects.



Our product features the special addition of German BASF Vibelsol® DMPP, which enhances nitrogen fertilizer utilization while reducing leaching and volatilization. This allows for a single fertilization application in field crops with short growth periods, reducing labor, costs, and frequency of fertilization. Additionally, the inclusion of trace elements helps prevent physiological disorders.


1. Specially add BASF Vibelsol ®DMPP fertilizer synergist

Enhanced with BASF Vibelsol® DMPP fertilizer synergist.Decreases nitrogen loss and improves nitrogen efficiency.Extends the effective period of nitrogen fertilizer, supplying nutrients for 4 to 10 weeks


2.Stimulates crop hormone synthesis (cytokinins, auxins, gibberellin, etc.).Promotes root growth.Enhances flower and fruit production.

3.DMPP, phosphate fertilizer, trace elements, synergistic technology

Utilizes DMPP, phosphate fertilizer, trace elements, and synergistic technology.Allows crops to absorb ammonium nitrogen with lower energy consumption and increased efficiency in lower root zone temperatures.

Decreases energy consumption during plant assimilation of ammonium nitrogen.Increases synthesis of crop hormones like cytokinins and polyamine, stimulating crop growth.Lowers root pH, improving the absorption of P, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, and Si.

4.Scope of application

It finds extensive use in greenhouse crops, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, tobacco, and other cash crops. It is also suitable for wheat, corn, and other field crops, especially well-suited for dryland applications.

N-form pH-value Nutrient – absorption (µg/m rootlength)
Far from root Rhizo-
P Fe Mn Zn Cu K
NO3 6,6 6,6 123 55 8 7 1,4 903
NH4 without NI 5,7 5,6 342 71 20 13 2,0 1127
NH4 + DMPP 6,6 4,5 586 166 35 19 4,6 1080

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