GOLDEN-SINCERITY Nitrocalcium Magnesium Nitro Compound Fertilizer

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Process: melting multi-stage composite, tower granulation, nanotechnology

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Nitrocalcium magnesium fertilizer


Process: melting multi-stage composite, tower granulation, nanotechnology
Features: 1. Contains water-soluble chelated calcium (directly available calcium fertilizer), chelated magnesium, will not be fixed by soil; The absorption utilization rate is high, and the absorption utilization rate is 30-40 times that of ordinary calcium fertilizer.
2. Prevent the occurrence of vegetable rot, apple bitter acne disease, water heart disease and other diseases; The fruit quality is good, which significantly reduces the phenomenon of fruit splitting.
3. Rich in mineral source fulvic acid, improve soil, promote crop root growth and increase yield.



Independent nitro raw materials, multi-stage compounding, precise batching, molten homogeneous slurry, natural gas chemical industry, tower granulation, mesoporous anti-counterfeiting, nutrient balance. Add mineral source fulvic acid, high nitrate nitrogen, fast melting, fast effect, activate the soil, promote absorption, and manufacture world-class nitro fertilizer.


1. Add mineral source fulvic acid

1.Rich in mineral source fulvic acid, it promotes the growth and development of capillary roots of crops, with a developed root system and lush branches.
2.Reshape the soil agglomerate structure, prevent soil compaction, improve salinity, retain water and soil.
3.Stimulate the ability of crops to resist drought and low temperature, and significantly reduce the occurrence of diseases.
4.Activate the soil, do not compaction, enhance photosynthesis and dry matter accumulation, improve crop frost resistance, optimize quality, increase yield and income.
5.Improve crop stress resistance, reduce split fruit, increase or decrease fruit hardness, effectively reduce the occurrence of physiological diseases, and extend crop freshness.

2.Precise ingredients, balanced nutrition

1.Nutritionally complete, multi-formula, can be used when crops are not growing.
2.Rapid dispersion to crop roots, balanced crop root nutrients, can quickly promote crop rhizome, leaf growth and development.
3.Ammonium polyphosphate is used as raw material to increase the activity of phosphate fertilizer and prevent the fixation of phosphate fertilizer.
4.Efficient nitrogen and potassium nutrition, promote the absorption of calcium and magnesium ions in the soil, and grow robustly.
5.Efficient nitrogen and potassium nutrition promote rapid fruit growth, coloring, and correct fruit shape

3.Natural gas chemical industry, high tower granulation.

1.The use of natural gas chemical industry, tower granulation, more balanced nutrition.
2.Nitrate nitrogen content is high, melting block, fast absorption.
3.The utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer has been greatly improved, and the fertilizer effect has been effective in three days, and the increase in production and income has been significant.

4.Scope of application

It is widely used in greenhouse crops, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, tobacco and other cash crops, as well as wheat, corn and other field crops, especially suitable for dryland crop application.

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