ELEPHANT-Microbeauty Series Nitro Compound Fertilizer (23-8-9)

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In natural gas chemical industry, adding high-tower nitrosulfur can enhance the quality of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, the inclusion of polyglutamic acid in the process ensures that the product is biuret-free.

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Content: Nitrate nitrogen≥ 10% / Packing: 40kg,50kg / Color: white / Special addition: Polyglutamic acid, high tower nitrothio


The utilization of high tower nitrothio in the natural gas chemical industry significantly enhances the quality of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, a specially formulated additive, polyglutamic acid, is incorporated to ensure that the final product remains free from any traces of biuret.



Our production process adopts independent nitro raw materials and multi-stage mixing technology to ensure precise ingredients and form a molten uniform slurry. We use natural gas chemical industry to realize high-tower granulation, which effectively prevents counterfeiting of mesoporous materials. It is worth noting that our micro-beauty green products contain balanced nutrients of medium and trace elements. To combat drought and optimize nutrient uptake by crops, we add polyglutamic acid. In addition, our nitro fertilizers have a high content of nitrate nitrogen, ensuring fast melting, fast action, revitalizing the soil and enhancing nutrient uptake. Our commitment to excellence enables us to produce world class nitro fertilizers.


1. Specially added polyglutamic acid

Incorporation of polyglutamic acid: Our products contain specially added polyglutamic acid, which has excellent hydrophilic performance and water retention capacity. After application in the soil, it forms a protective film around the root hairs, becoming the best conduit for the exchange of nutrients, water and root hairs in the soil environment. The formation of this film greatly improves the solubility, storage, transportation and absorption of fertilizers, and helps to improve the utilization rate of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and trace elements by crops.

2.Our high-tower granulation process utilizes natural gas chemical industry and has unique advantages:

In addition, it prevents the precipitation of sulphate, phosphate, oxalate and metal elements, promoting a more efficient crop uptake of vital nutrients. Polyglutamic acid can also promote root development and enhance crop disease resistance. It effectively balances soil pH and is an excellent buffer in acidic and alkaline conditions. This regulating function prevents long-term acidic soil conditions caused by frequent use of chemical fertilizers. Natural gas chemical industry and tower granulation: Our production process utilizes natural gas chemical industry and high tower granulation technology to ensure a balanced nutritional package. Due to the high nitrate nitrogen content, our products have excellent solubility, allow fast absorption and prevent caking.

3.Drawing on the power of BASF's Vibelsol® DMPP, our innovative solution combines phosphate fertilizers, trace elements and cutting-edge synergistic technologies

The utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer has been significantly improved, and it has been effective in three days, and the increase in production and income has increased significantly. Add moderate trace elements: Our formula contains essential moderate trace elements including silicon, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, zinc and others that are critical for optimal crop growth. It replenishes the levels of chlorophyll, proteins, and nucleic acids in plants, enhances photosynthesis, and ultimately leads to a substantial increase in crop yields.

4.Scope of application

Applications: Products are widely used in various greenhouse crops, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, tobacco and other cash crops. It has also proven to be excellent for field crops such as wheat and corn, especially in dryland agricultural environments.

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